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Freelance Sales

Earn commissions just by referring customers if they buy you get extra money. No need to sell only refer clients.

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What is a FreeLance?

Usually Freelance image is associated with an independent person who does not want to tie up any routine, ie not want to be subject to rules or ties in terms of schedules, dress, among others. The person working autonomously, for others who need their services in certain tasks, which generally will not pay his salary versus time employee but the result, without the two parties contract obligation to continue the business relationship beyond custom made. 







What is a Freelance Sales and how our program works?

The mechanics are simple and easy. You just must get potential customers either online, referrals from friends or any other means at its disposal (direct contact, phone, mail, etc.).

MicroKey® FreeLance get benefits based on sales commissions, which will be 10% of the sale that our employees close after you have sent us the reference. That's right, you only must provide us the reference customer and our partners will be responsible for contacting potential customers, explain our services and help you buy.

Our partners continue the business relationship with the customer you refer to us and we'll help at all times to make new purchases. You win every time the client makes a new purchase of one of the commissionable services.






Questions about the service?


Is there an Investment?
You should not invest anything, since their work will only be referring clients, not to sell, since contact with the client and in such case the sale will be conducted by MicroKey Group.

What services can I offer?

You can sell all the services offered by MKG Group including (Email Marketing, Hosting (Webspace), Web Design, Advertising on the Internet (Google, Yahoo, Facebook), domains, Email Marketing Platform, mail servers, etc.). We do not pay commissions on the sale of electronic products. (Any computers, parts of PCs, printers, cell phones, etc)

How do I become income?

MicroKey® FreeLance not have a base salary, their salaries are based on sales commissions. There is no minimum sales to get your commission, ie since its first sale (however small), you get your commission. To achieve this we must close the sale, ie the client to make the purchase. Commissions are paid 7 working days after you cancel the purchase. The amount required for the bank transfer product sales your referrals should be USD$50.00 (fifty) dollars minimum amount).

How do I get paid my commission?

The payment of its committees shall be made by bank transfer to any bank worldwide, only need a bank account in your name enabled and may receive their winnings. Also we make payments by PayPal.

What is not allowed to do?

You can not send mass emails using our email address or domain in the mail body. Ie links with www.microkeygroup.com, or any other link or email address related or company-owned MicroKey Group.

What can you do?

You can send your list or select private clients, references on the Web and the services we offer, which we have detailed above. These services are the only ones who enter the Seller FreeLance Program.

Can I be currently having a normal job for eight hours and get extra income being a Freelance?

Of course yes, being a Seller FreeLance not affect you at all your daily job, as you once registered, you will only refer clients and our team will contact your referral to close sales.





What do I need to be a FreeLance?

You need to send your Resume, once processed will assign a link or vendor identification. At that time you will be certified (a) to refer the enterprise services to your contacts. The necessary information about services offered by the company is available directly on our website (www.microkeygroup.com), same as used as a reference for customers. If you want to apply only must enter the following link and fill out the registration form. Registration Form



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