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Design and Development of Software Projects

We advise you step by step to success

Knowing the right methodology to use in the design, development and implementation of a project is not easy. With us as your partner, will give the right steps at the right time.

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Project development methodology

In MicroKey Group we cover the entire project life cycle, from its definition phase and until the implementation of the project through the various phases of analysis, implementation and quality control. We have our own effective methodology endorsed by the successful delivery of projects. Click here for personal attention






Analysis and software design

During this phase the functional and software design, the characteristics to be met and its primary objective analysis is performed. Besides certifying that meets the necessary safety measures depending on the economic sector of the software. 





Development and implementation

During this phase the project is to create the Alpha version in continuous contact with the customer (follow-up). Importantly, at this stage we carry out extensive tests on various devices for which you are developing the application / software. Testing, Integration with the design and delivery of the Alpha version verificaicón customer. Following this had to perform quality control testing including functional, security, performance, stress, usability and compatibility.Click here for personal attention








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