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Disaster Recovery - Data Recovery

We offer data recovery service for all kinds of computer support such as hard disks and data recovery from disks in RAID systems. We can recover data from any digital storage device this logical failures, hardware or both. When data loss occurs, whatever the cause: damaged, computer viruses, accidental file deletion, sabotage, natural disasters, faulty mechanics, system crash, lost partitions, beatings, electrical faults disk.

What is data recovery?

When we talk about data recovery, we refer to all the necessary processes to access, extract and / or reconstruct the information found on a computer storage device damaged. Therefore, only companies as MicroKey Group, with adequate facilities, a professional team and the technology can perform a data recovery guarantees.

How do we carry out data recovery?

We are well aware of the value of their information and the problem may involve not afford it, so we focus on a personalized process to recover your data, adapting to your particular needs.

The stages of our recovery service:

- Diagnosis:

We offer a totally free diagnosis a maximum of 72 hours from receipt of your device at our laboratories (except Recovery night and / or weekend data). The diagnosis will be indicated the extent of the damage, the feasibility of its recovery and service budget. In addition it will be attached the confidentiality agreement.

- Continued:

From the moment you decide whether to continue the process of data recovery.

Continuation of the process: To proceed with the data recovery, you must accept the budget and contract. This does not mean you have to make any payment at this time, is only one line on your part that will pay the budget indicated once perform the data recovery.

Cancellation of the process: If you choose not to continue with the process for recovering your data, your hard drive will, without charge, to our free recycling program (PRG), unless specifically requested the return of your device.

- Recovery:

Once you accepted the budget work data recovery laboratory will begin. When technicians have stabilized your device and, if the fault permits, we will send a list of recoverable files. If you are happy with the recovered files, data recording starts in a new medium.

- Shipping:

After completing the data recovery, we will send the information retrieved to the device you have selected to accept the budget.


Advantages of our data recovery services

After years of experience recovering data, MicroKey Group is proud to offer excellent service to our customers. Here are the advantages of our data recovery services:

- Personalized assistance:We provide personalized assistance throughout the process of recovering your data. MicroKey Group has a large team of highly qualified customer service to resolve all doubts related to the loss of data. In addition, each data recovery application will assign a specific technical to you, to guide you personally throughout the process.


We guarantee the strictest confidentiality both your contact information, and the information stored in the device to retrieve.

Protocol service data recovery MicroKey Group are designed so that the relationship information-client is unknown to our technical and safety surrounding the entire process of data recovery makes it impossible for the data out of the lab any physical or electronic means.

Our laboratory has advanced security systems to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

Maximum speed

We recover your data with maximum speed.

Our experience recovering data has allowed us to optimize our services, achieving year on year to improve our recovery times.

In addition, to provide a quick and effective solution we have a large stock of devices (over 5,000 hard drives), continually growing, we can use as a replacement if necessary.

High quality standards

We maintain a high level of quality in all our data recovery services.

Also, to ensure service quality and achieve maximum index files recovered in each case, the R & D of MicroKey Group, develops own specific tools for each situation.


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