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Reseller Hosting & Domains

How to become a reseller of domains and hosting?

Do you sell domains and web hosting to your customers? We have much to offer! We would like to accompany you and help you develop your project. We put in his hand the result of all these years of experience to get get the maximum return on your business: fully customizable quality services with its brand, multiple solutions to set up your Web / Shop and the best technical support.

Modalities for resellers: Reseller and Reseller Prepayment

Reseller: improving their prices depending on the number of services they have. For example if you have 40 domains and 15 hostings would Reseller prices Gold prices for domains and Silver Reseller for hostings.

Pre-payment: consists of buying a bond that then you used to register domains. Depending on the bond that has acquired: 200, 500 or 1000 dollar prices apply to you or others and is independent of the number of domains you have.

If you intend to bring your business to MicroKey Group, we are ready to help you grow in the business you are moving the world.

Depending on the volume that is committed to move, we anticipate the corresponding category without any problems No entrance fees or annual fees!

It is recommended for those this kind of service?

Web design firms

If you have a design company or an advertising agency that works to assemble sites for customers, you can go jogging registering domains and hostings in MK mode and go their prices under the contract. Another option to activate hostings a good price, is to hire a VPS, including starting 25 licenses to create as many hostings. Remember you can customize the panels with your corporate image.

For domainers or companies that handle volume

If you already manages a number of pages or domains, you probably want to work with a company that gives you better prices and a fanatical support. For domains will find the best prices on prepay hosting and could draw on a Dedicated or Managed Cloud Hosting.



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