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Virtualization - Server Applications

Server Virtualization Solutions


We care about you

We rely on your budget, your needs and your needs and not on ours, to design you, and implementarle offer one of the four leading virtualization solutions for server consolidation market today.

Our passion is the key

The years of experience in virtualization solutions and dedicated servers have helped us focus on the quality of service delivered. Flexibility and friendliness ensures long-term relationship with our customers.

What virtualization solution is best for you and your company?

Virtualization solutions based on VMware vSphere: saving tens of thousands of companies have achieved with the deployment of VMware vSphere is driving the adoption of virtualization technology from the datacenter to the desktop.

Based virtualization solutions Citrix XenServer Citrix XenServer is an open solution for server virtualization that radically reduces datacenter costs by transforming static data center into a more complex and dynamic and easier to manage.

Virtualization solutions based on Microsoft HyperV: Microsoft ® Hyper-V ™ Server 2012 is a standalone product that provides a reliable and optimized solution that will allow you to enhance virtualization server utilization and reduce costs.

Virtualization solutions based on Red Hat Virtualization: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization® is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform in which thousands of organizations and millions of systems around the world have trusted to run their mission-critical applications.

Virtual Desktop Solutions

Need a virtualization solution virtual desktop?

Virtual desktop solutions with VMware View modernizes Horizon Windows desktops and applications moving to the cloud and delivering them as a managed service to users.

5 benefits of a virtualization solution job

In MicroKey Group works with workstation virtualization using VMware View Horizon for many reasons but we want to emphasize the following:

- You can get a significant reduction of total infrastructure costs of the workplace.

- Allows you to increase the security of workstation preventing data theft or loss from viruses.

- You can increase the availability of the post to 99.9% server availability levels.

- You can provide mobility to the workplace.

- You can improve the energy efficiency of your company.




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We provide virtualization solutions for your company using the best software in the market.




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